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The Silver Fox Audit – a genuine test of your Security Guarding!

Whether you are a security contractor, you employ a security contractor or have an in house security team, we can:

*Independently test the manned guarding responsible for your access control

*Find any gaps in your security provision and help you to put it right

*Motivate your whole security team with the Silver Fox Award Scheme

A full on-site security audit from Silver Fox will put your security to the ultimate test

It could be a one off audit but carried out on a regular basis it keeps the whole team alert

A Silver Fox Audit is unannounced, thorough and you will you get instant feedback on what’s working and if improvement is needed

You can be confident this is the most cost-effective way of testing your defences. It shows you are serious about security, which can pay real dividends across the organisation.

What we’ve achieved for a host of major organisations, we could achieve for you.

Call us today for further information and to arrange your first audit.

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