The Silver Fox Independent Security Access Audit includes 3 important stages:

STAGE 1 – Attempted Entry

This is a vital part of the audit and tests the Duty Officer’s alertness, attitude, training for the job and understanding of duties at the time and place of the attempted entry.

STAGE 2 – Team Check

The Auditor carries out a check on security personnel on site at the time of the Audit to ensure that they are smartly and appropriately presented and are carrying valid SIA licences and corporate ID cards.

STAGE 3 – Operational Check

The Auditor makes a check on certain items based on standard on-site operational disciplines and reports back accordingly.

These include:

  • Management Visits
  • Key Register
  • Assignment Instructions
  • Daily Occurrence Book
  • Incident Reports
  • On Site Training
  • Check Calls
  • CCTV Operations
  • Overall Assessment

The level of performance across the 3 stages is assessed and the Auditor will grade the audit as a PASS or FAIL. A special commendation is made where an individual has performed well above average on Stage 1. A full and confidential report is then submitted to the originator of the audit by email.

The Silver Fox Lapel Badge

The Silver Fox Lapel Pin Badge is awarded to any Security Officer who successfully prevents The Silver Fox Auditor from gaining unauthorised access to their premises.

The Silver Fox Award

Reward is at the heart of the Silver Fox Scheme and we offer individual personalised awards for the Security Officers and the framed Silver Fox Certificate which can be displayed at the companies premises to demonstrate the standards achieved and commitment to the scheme.

Please contact us for further information on the award scheme.