The 10 Benefits of a Silver Fox Audit:

  1. It genuinely tests the efficiency of your security team on a regular basis.
  2. You have ‘peace of mind’ that you have engaged an independent and reputable company to test your security operation.
  3. Officers in your security team remain alert and focused at all times.
  4. You are able to identify the potential weaknesses in the security operation and remedy them immediately.
  5. It forms part of your organisation’s wider audit remit for insurance and corporate governance purposes.
  6. It shows senior management that you are being proactive – rather than reactive – and that you have taken every measure to safeguard the company’s premises.
  7. When tendering for a new contract you can differentiate your company by including Silver Fox Audits as part of your service offering and it may also enhance your Approved Contractor Scheme score during your annual audit by your approved UKAS body.
  8. The Silver Fox Audit programme is a cost effective means of testing your front line security. Our Auditors provide the best value for money on-site independent audits in the industry.
  9. Successful participation in the Silver Fox Award Scheme gives your security team well deserved public recognition for their on-going diligence.
  10. Where a client has multiple sites, the results from a regular programme of Silver Fox Audits can easily be presented in the form of a league table, which will show at a glance which sites are producing good results and which are under-performing.