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Raising the Security Awareness of your Staff

The Silver Fox team of auditors have been testing security teams throughout the United Kingdom for over 15 years and during this period of time they have tested several thousand sites. However; recently we have introduced a wider variety of audits alongside the standard penetration test.

With the current level of terrorism threat to the UK rated as ‘Severe’, it is essential that all company employees are security conscious and do not allow unauthorised personnel into the building. It is polite and common practice to hold the door for the next person (even if it access controlled) and this happens in business premises day in, day out. It is a brave person who shuts the door in someone’s face or actually challenges them as to why they are there. We know, because our auditors are that person tailgating into the building and secure areas.

Employees can often be deep in conversation with colleagues or on the phone and do not notice the person who follows them through the access controlled gates or catches the door as they leave the building. Sometimes, once entry is gained, we sit at a desk and pretend to start working and even make a cup of coffee. It is often not until we make ourselves known that we are noticed.

If we can do this, then those with criminal intent can do exactly the same, but with much more serious consequences for your business.

These tests are not designed to catch anyone out, but to help to improve the security of the premises and to learn where you may be vulnerable. A short series of audits raises security awareness and keeps your management and staff alert. It is a very effective exercise at a realistic price.

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