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Are you confident your security measures will prevent unauthorised access?

With the UK Government Threat Level at Severe, are you confident that unauthorised individuals will be unable to gain access to your premises?

The Silver Fox Audit has, for the past 15 years, been widely identified by end users of contract security, in-house security teams and security guarding companies, as the most desirable and cost effective independent on site audit available in the industry.

The Audit is designed to highlight any weaknesses in your security procedures, which may leave your premises vulnerable to those with criminal intent.

The Auditor uses social engineering in an attempt to gain unauthorised entry to the premises and then move around the area unchallenged. Our intention is not to catch anyone out, but to help to improve the awareness of your staff and the security of your premises.

The Audit covers the initial access attempt to the premises, assessment of the security team followed by operational checks and the results are confirmed in a full report within 48 hours of it taking place.

We have a wide range of clients who test their security on a monthly basis, some quarterly and some just once a year. From experience, we can prove that a series of regular audits raises security awareness and keeps your staff alert.

The Silver Fox Team carry out audits throughout the UK.

For further information and to arrange for a one off or series of audits at your premises, telephone 01844 260350 or e-mail [email protected]