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Bond Street Awareness

The Keyholding Company’s Safer Support Team is using Verint Dispatch Manager and Verint Mobile Reporter, part of the Verint Situational Awareness Platform, to build intelligence and aid communication with central London police.

The Safer Support Team was developed and funded by the contract security company, a member of the ACS Pacesetters group. These patrollers cover Bond Street, pictured, whose upmarket stores feature exclusive brands, designer fashion, luxury goods and jewels. The Safer Support Team is designed to deter “smash and grabs” — where motorcycle and moped-mounted thieves ram into windows and doors to steal high-value items before making a exit. These acts have plagued the area, hence in response, the incident response.

The Safer Support Team uses communication software from Verint to aid situational awareness. Verint Dispatch Manager and Verint Mobile Reporter are used to unifye command centre systems by fusing data input from emergency calls for use to real-time situations.

The software can also coordinate with field responders, through the Verint Mobile Reporter application. Using this smartphone application, a patrol officer’s location and status are correlated with other situational data inputs. Dispatchers receive updates to a guard’s geographic area, which is regularly updated on a map to keep dispatchers informed of whereabouts and response actions.

Abi Shuttleworth, chief strategy officer, The Keyholding Company says: “We believe that we can help deliver smarter solutions through technology and collaboration. The Safer Support Team is a perfect example of how we can work collaboratively with Verint, and the Metropolitan Police Service, to achieve our goals and help make this area safer, while reducing loss.”

And Alan Stoddard, VP and general manager, situational intelligence solutions at Verint adds: “The Safer Support Team helps elevate loss prevention and risk mitigation efforts through the use of Verint’s advanced situational awareness technology, which offers new levels of intelligence for rapid response in mission-critical environments,” says . “We’re proud to be part of this collaborative effort and look forward to helping ensure a proactive approach to security and crime reduction as this public-private initiative grows.”