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Review your Security as staff return to the workplace

As the Covid-19 lockdown has gradually eased during the past few weeks allowing individuals to return to their workplace, it is evident that there is a reluctance to do so, with the majority of those choosing to remain working at home if they can.

Published statistics show that 88% of people are reluctant to travel on public transport and there are only 7,000 of the 120,000 workers employed in Canary Wharf who have returned to their place of work.

These changes to working practices will have a ‘knock on’ effect on the numbers of security officers required at these premises.  With so few members of staff on the premises, the security officers required to cover reception and access control will no doubt reduce (if only on a temporary basis), to maybe little more than the requirements for ‘out of hours’ security cover.

With the country facing the worst economic crisis for many years, organisations are looking to reduce their overheads, and outsourced facilities services will form part of this consideration.  However, it is essential that a full review of the security requirements at the premises is professionally undertaken prior to such major decisions being made.

FM Contract Watch has a team of experienced Security Consultants, covering the whole of the UK, who can carry out a full review of the Security Services provided and levels of cover necessary to ensure the premises are adequately protected and staff and visitors remain safe.

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